How it all began...

"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

It started with a not a fairy real live beautiful, talented, shop owner godmother.  After visiting her exquisite West Palm Beach boutique as a young girl, I knew my life wouldn't be complete without having a shop of my own one day!  

Fast forward to 1994 and a quaint downtown Main Street location and

The Ivy Trellis---my little girl dream--became reality!  In true Oprah style I filled it with all my favorite things from Laura Ashley and Waverly home décor to kitchen gadgets, gourmet foods and gift items galore. 




Our niche was always centered around fabrics and home fashions and soon I realized I had to expand into more custom work to be able to custom size window treatments, bed skirts and such.  Enter: Jennifer into our shop gang! Not only is she our mega-talented seamstress,  but she has the ability to rein me in when I ask for a crazy valance design or go on fabric buying binges.

  Fast forward again to about 2010 and it's time to take this show on the road! Or should I say it's time to go screaming and kicking into learning how to develop my own website.  If only I'd had a fourth grader in my house, my internet struggles would have been oh-so-much-easier!  So please all you geeky techy types...don't judge. I'm still learning! But let's just say that going online has been crazy wonderful!  I've gotten to decorate homes in over 30 states and 4 countries!  Godmother would be so proud.


Because this is about as close as I'm ever going to get to being a "published author" in any way, shape or form, I'm using this as is my opportunity to acknowledge some wonderful people in my life and give my heartfelt THANK YOU !


To: My Wonderful Husband, Amazing Daughter and Big-Fat-Cuban Family:

Thank you....for being there for me from the moment this was just a dream.

To: "The Trellis Girls":

You know who you are...thank you for being there throughout the journey! Thank you for rearranging the shop at my every whim! 

Thank you for doing your job with talent and commitment...but most of all with friendship and love.

To: The Downtown Divas:

Thank you....for letting me be a part of a wonderful group of business owners. For always being my sounding board.  Like I always said "weekly breakfast meetings with you are cheaper than therapy."

To: Judy (of Judy Ellington Design fame):

From my logo, my first business card, newspaper ads, our beautiful Christmas catalog, and so much were there with unparalleled graphic design talent, a commitment to perfection and an unwavering and cherished friendship.  From my heart, Thank you!

To: Jennifer

Thank you....For always having a smile, being a friend and being able to sew in your sleep...This part of my craziness wouldn't be possible without you!

  My Beautiful Godmother
The Ivy Trellis storefront sign
Loty, My beautiful Godmother

          The Ivy Trellis 2.0

OOOH my goodness....the story continues. What does a shop-loving girl do when she moves to beautiful Williamsburg, Virginia and happens to come across this sweet little storefront with its own private courtyard......stay tuned!

The Ivy Trellis 2.0

The Ivy Trellis opens in Lightfoot, bringing décor, gifts and gourmet

The shop found success for more than 15 years in Farmville, and is now celebrating its grand opening in Lightfoot.


By Andrew Harris      April 17, 2018    WYDaily

The owner of a new boutique in Lightfoot hopes she can help you spice up your kitchen, home and garden.

The Ivy Trellis will celebrate its grand opening in Lightfoot Crossing Saturday.

Owner Rosa Mann said she’s stocking the small boutique with items she’d like to have in her own home.

“Our tagline is ‘Décor, gifts and gourmet,’” Mann said. “I’ll just fill it with all my favorite things

Her favorites include home and garden décor, gifts, pillows, purses, kitchen essentials, and cooking supplies.

Mann first opened the Ivy Trellis in Farmville, Virginia in 1994. Even then, she sold a motley collection of items she adored, beginning with fabrics and home fashion.

Mann and her husband closed the brick-and-mortar location in 2010 to move to Richmond, but Mann continued the Ivy Trellis through online sales.

Now she’s resurrecting the store in Greater Williamsburg.

“The shop is one-quarter [the size] of my first store, but it’s manageable and adorable and I love my little courtyard,” Mann said.

Customers will walk through the courtyard to enter the store, and on their way in they can browse Mann’s assortment of garden decorations and outdoor seating.

The Ivy Trellis will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. It will be closed Sunday and Monday.

Mann added she is hoping shoppers will use the #tinyshopbiglove hashtag when sharing their purchases.

“I want it to be a sweet charming little southern boutique filled with things I love,” Mann said.

Please note changes since article publication:

We are now located in the New Town area of Williamsburg at:

5104 Main Street. (across the street from Barnes & Noble)

Our new shop hours are:

10:30 to 5:00 Monday thru Saturday

We are closed on Sundays.